League of Legends ‘Deadeye’ Teasers Compiled; Is it a New Champion?

By   /   Jan 4, 2016
League of Legends

While there is no solid information as to what the recently discovered ‘Jhin’ or ‘Deadeye’ in League of Legends is, there are multiple theories regarding the teasers.

Recently, multiple video teasers were added to Zed, Sona, Garen, and Vi champion pages. Below I have provided a brief breakdown of all the teasers:

League of Legends Teasers

This teaser basically shows flower petal coming out of Zed’s head accompanied by a gunshot.

Sona’s teaser basically shows her throat getting slit, gas coming out of her mouth, and the usual gunshot sound.

The third teaser shows Garen with his chest armor blown out by something crystalline with the usual gunshot sound.

The last teaser – that we have so far – shows Vi without her hextech fists that we normally see with the usual gunshot sound.

Aside from this, a couple of references to word ‘Jhin’ and ‘Deadeye’ were also found. Once again, we do not know anything concrete regarding this as of now, but we will make sure to share more if we learn anything new.

As the name ‘Deadeye’ implies, if this is a new champion, it is going to be a Marksman as Zed is an Assassin, Garen is a Juggernaut, Vi is a Jungler, and Sona is a support which leaves Deadeye who should be a Marksman.

What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: SurrenderAt20.

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