Killer Instinct Season 3 PC: Dojo, Tusk, Kim Wu and More Details Shared

By   /   Jan 4, 2016
killer instinct season 3

It has been known since June last year that Killer Instinct Season 3 is going to get a PC release alongside the Xbox One version. It has also been known that the PC version is going to be released to Windows 10.

If you didn’t know this previously, know it now that the PC version is exclusive to Windows 10 alone and will be releasing in March 2016.

However, there is more that we have to share with you regarding the Killer Instinct Season 3 PC version. Firstly, it has been revealed by the game’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, that the Windows 10 version off the fighting title is going to bring you an updated Dojo Tutorial mode – among other things.

On characters, Isgreen has confirmed that Tusk and Kim Wu are going to be available on launch and they will don retro costumes for you.

Don’t fret though, there are going to be other characters too and although we don’t know the precise details, this much is certain that the list of fighters at launch will be larger than Season 2 with even more to be launched later.

There are certain new features and mechanics that will get introduced to the game with Killer Instinct Season 3 PC version and in order to balance things with those, all the fighters on the roster will get tweaked.

While that is all Isgreen could confirm, other unofficial sources have told us that at least two presently available characters will get completely reworked. They are not Glacius, Aganos or Shadow Jago.

Also, although every character is not confirmed to get Ultimates, every character is confirmed to be on the receiving end of Ultimates.

Moving on, since Shadow Jago Fund Raiser was a success, you can expect more community bundles in the next season; these could get you guest characters, stages, modes, and/or features of your choice in the game through later updates.

More details are to be shared about the Killer Instinct Season 3 at PAX South.

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