Grand Theft Auto V Plays a Major Role in Rockstar Generating Over $3 Billion Since 2013

Grand Theft Auto V was released back in 2013 and since then it has become the biggest commercial success of its kind. Now available on all major platforms, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online has generated billions.

Newly shared numbers reveal that since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA products have generated over $3 billion in revenue as of September, 2015. GTA V alone has sold over 50 million copies and according to 2K, accumulated sales of the series are now around 225 million units.

In 2015 alone, GTA V gave the company $400 million in revenue. $1.083 billion was generated in Fiscal Year 2015, as compared to $2.351 billion for fiscal year 2014, although revenue went down, it is exceptional for a game released in 2013 and other GTA products.

For fiscal year 2015, GAAP net revenue was $1.083 billion, as compared to $2.351 billion for fiscal year 2014, which had benefited from the record-breaking launch of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. GAAP net loss was $279.5 million, or $3.48 per diluted share, as compared to GAAP net income of $361.6 million, or $3.20 per diluted share, for the prior fiscal year.

Grand Theft Auto V holds record for the fastest selling game ever, as it crossed the 10 million units sold mark on its first day, generating over $800 million dollars. The development cost of the fifth mainstream installment was $265 million, which is nothing compared to the profits generated.

Grand Theft Auto online helped push profits as it is one of the most played online games we have. Judging from the commercial success of Grand Theft Auto, don’t expect this long running series to end anytime soon, why should it?