Far Cry Primal Has its Own Language with Three Variants

By   /   Jan 4, 2016
Far Cry Primal

ESRB rating of Far Cry Primal was revealed recently that explained what kind of content the game has to offer, but that didn’t tell us how deep the developers have gone to give us an authentic experience. One of the most recently revealed aspect is that the game even has a language of its own that was created in accordance with the stone age by historical linguists.

The developers realized at an early stage that “reconciling the reality of the history and our impression of how primitive man was at the time” was a major issue and since initially the characters were speaking English it was totally non-immersive.

Because of that, they decided to talk with anthropologists and linguists who were expert in “proto-European language.” However, Ubisoft figured that even that was not matching with the stone age setting of Far Cry Primal.

Ultimately, they went on to devolve the language options that were available thanks to the historical linguists. The language was simplified and given three variants, one for each of the tribes in the game. Here’s a portion of the statement that the game’s creative director, Jean-Christophe Guyot, has provided regarding the in-game language:

We worked with [the linguists], and they projected how it would be simplified if we would go back even further. So that’s how we really created the language of the Wenja (the game’s main tribe) and we created three variants of it, one for each tribe. The linguists, they’re amazing. And they’re super excited, because this is a language that has not been spoken for thousands of years. For them, it’s their science, it’s something that they’re super attached to, so they were super enthusiastic.

The whole aura of Far Cry Primal is pretty impressive as evidenced by gameplay features like predator taming and more; we are surely looking forward to this one!

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