Alan Wake 2, New Xbox One IPs and More Discussed by Phil Spencer

By   /   Jan 4, 2016
Alan Wake 2

With the turn of the new year, all the game makers are going to want to give their best to whatever they have up on their agenda. With all that in mind, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer took to Twitter for his first conversation of the year with the fans where he commented on a number of things including Alan Wake 2.

We know that after Remedy Entertainment all but confirmed Alan Wake 2 back in November, their claims of not having given up on the IP were actually true.

However, that is all the publishers or the developer divulged which is why people asked Phil Spencer when we could see Alan Wake 2 coming out. Spencer’s reply was that it wasn’t going to happen anytime before Quantum Break does as the time-bending title is what they are fully focused on right now.

Right now all of our focus with Remedy Games is on Quantum Break but as we finish I’m sure we’ll talk about the future.

This means we could be up for some official news regarding Alan Wake 2 in April!

That being said, while he was talking about the new year he said that this time they were “shipping more new IP than [they] have in a long time,” and that it was a “good challenge to make new IP succeed.”

When people asked whether they have also planned on Collector’s Editions for them, he said “we haven’t locked all the versions of each game yet but we know some fans like LE with more content so we’ll look at it.”

As far as new themed consoles are concerned, Spencer says the new games might or might not have them and you will have to wait a little before those can be confirmed.

However, Alan Wake 2 is definitely going to be the talk of town after Quantum Break releases on April 5, 2016.

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