Will Next Modern Warfare Make Infinity Ward’s 2016 “Incredible?”

By   /   Jan 2, 2016
Call of Duty leak

We have only just stepped into the new year and people everywhere have already started finding cryptic messages in the new year wishes coming in from a number of development studios. Infinity Ward is the latest on that list, and fans are speculating they might be hinting at the next Modern Warfare game.

The developers behind Call of Duty Ghosts did not send out a major hint at it, but when the official Twitter account of the development studio tweeted something relating to the new year, we couldn’t help but think if they were nudging towards it.

Yesterday, they sent out a tweet reading “Happy new year! 2016 is going to be incredible. Let’s do this.” Now call it reading too much between the lines, but they are a development studio famed for making COD games and their official social media platform is suggesting something will make this year “incredible” for them.

Not only that, the “let’s do this,” in the end also suggests they are actually talking about something that would make the year incredible, and because the last thing they worked on was Ghosts, there is a chance they are actually hinting at the next Modern Warfare game here.

Oh and here’s is another new year’s message from them:

Why does it have that astronaut in it!

Anyhow, just to clear out any confusion, among Treyarch, Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward it is the turn of Infinity Ward to make the next Call of Duty game based on the annual cyclical releases that Activision has doled out.

So tell us, do you think they are actually pointing indirectly at the next Modern Warfare here? Let’s hope it is not Call of Duty Ghosts 2, though.

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