Oculus Touch Controller Delayed Till Second Half of 2016

By   /   Jan 1, 2016
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2016 is expected to be the year of virtual reality gaming, with popular VR headsets like Oculus Rift expected to debut in the first quarter of the year.

Unfortunately, it seems that Oculus Touch, a touch-based controller gadget that is a part of the VR experience, has been delayed.

The controller was first revealed at the E3 last year, and was expected to ship around the same time as the Oculus Rift VR headset (first quarter of 2016). However, developing company Oculus confirmed that it would now be delayed to the ‘second half of 2016.’

Oculus made the announcement on their official blog yesterday.

“On the path to perfecting Touch, we’ve decided that we need more time before release, and we’ll now be shipping Touch in the second half of 2016. Pre-orders will open a few months prior to launch.”

Thankfully, the company confirmed that the Oculus Rift VR headset remains on schedule for its Q1. Preorders of the headset are expected to launch ‘very soon.’

The Oculus Touch are small steering-wheel styled controllers with motion sensing controls and analog sticks, and are designed to work with the VR headset for gaming.

The firm has stated that they are working on implementing changes that improve hand pose recognition, and are also outputting larger pre-production runs to deliver the Touch hardware to developers who need it.

The company also promised a ‘big announcement’ alongside the launch of Oculus Touch, and say that it will be worth the wait.

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