Monster Hunter Online January Update Will Introduce New Weapon and Monsters

By   /   Jan 1, 2016

After a long development time and six beta tests since 2013, Tencent has finally launched the pre-open beta for Monster Hunter Online.

According to the developers, the team has lots of plans from the game in the coming weeks. Speaking to Duowan in an interview, Monster Hunter Online produce Tao Weishi shared the development story and future plans of the game.

One interesting reveal was the new weapon Gunlance coming in the January update, alongside three new monsters. Monster Hunter Online will release a new update this January, which will be followed by further monthly updates in the future.

The three monsters being added to the game are Shen Gaoren, Tartaronis, and Rathian. In addition to this, new outfits will also be available in the January update.

Tao Weishi also talked about the western version of the game, acknowledging that an English version of Monster Hunter Online was heavily desired. However, Tao stated that they have to take Capcom’s feelings into account when making a decision on the matter in the future. Currently, only the Chinese PC version is being developed.

In addition to these reveals, Tao also emphasized that Monster Hunter Online will not be a pay to win game. Only cosmetic outfits without any attributes and some convenient items will be sold in the cash shop, which will not have any influence on the game balance.

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