Final Fantasy XV Release Reaffirmed for 2016; June or November?

By   /   Jan 1, 2016
Final Fantasy XV

We have already known that Final Fantasy XV release date is going to be somewhere in 2016 – thanks to Hajime Tabata who confirmed this back in August. Yet, with the first day of the new year, Tabata decided to reaffirm that plan as a new year’s resolution for the development studio.

In a new year message that the director posted on the official Square Enix blog, he motioned towards the final phase of development which, in his opinion, is going to require “effort and willpower.”

They want to create an experience they will be proud of, and that is what the new year message is promising alongside the release date reiteration.

We will finally release FFXV this year, in 2016! In development, previous phases required wisdom and strength. However, moving forward the final phase will focus on effort and willpower. I vow to you all that every member in the team will do their best to the very last possible moment taking responsibility and pride in their craft. We will do everything we can do to finish FFXV to create an experience we are incredibly proud of and one that you will enjoy and treasure.

While that is all the officials decided to share, it doesn’t end there. Almost parallel to the message from Tabata, Amazon Japan listed an alleged release date of Final Fantasy XV on their website.

As you can see in the first image below, the retailer suggested that FFXV will come out on June 1, 2016. Although people were able to screenshot the listing, it was later changed and interestingly, yet another release date was put up. This time the page says that the game’s release date is November 30, 2016.

Final Fantasy XV Amazon 2

Final Fantasy XV Amazon

Both these dates land on a Wednesday so there is no difference there.

Moving on, we agree that Amazon is not the official source but it does manage to leak actual release dates quite often. Which one of these two release dates sound probable to you? I’d say November.

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