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ARK Survival Evolved Update Adds Kangaroos That Carry Two People

By   /   Jan 1, 2016

So far, all the creatures you can ride in ARK Survival Evolved have been able to carry one person at a time. While this is good for solo exploration, it doesn’t sound like a good idea when you have someone accompanying you. So the developers have added prehistoric kangaroos to change that.

Say hello to Procoptodon, a giant prehistoric kangaroo which is probably the biggest creature that can jump lengths like it does.

The developers have also shared a video for the hip hopping kangaroos (which you can watch above), and also shared some information as to what you are looking at:

The ARK is getting a unique new denizen today: the hip hopping Procoptodon, essentially a gigantic prehistoric Kangaroo. Carrying up to TWO passengers, in a first for ARK creatures, the Procoptodon is able to cover great distances and leap over obstacles with ease, while the pouch-bound passenger is able to make fully effective use of all weaponry while riding!

last but not the least, we are adding a couple of pictures of the new Procoptodon that is gracing ARK Survival Evolved with its leaping skills right now.

This came alongside a new year’s wish to everyone who has stuck with the game for its first six months saying: “It’s been a thrilling six months on the ARK, and Studio Wildcard wishes all Survivors a Happy New Year! Thank you to all our players and content creators for helping to make ARK such a success!”

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