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Windows 10 Users on Steam Went Up by 75% in 90 Days!

Although there are a number of operating systems at the disposal of PC users, and even though Windows 10 is a relatively newer option, Steam users are picking it up at a very fast pace. In a hardware survey shared by Valve Corporation for the month of November, it has been revealed that as many as 29.85 percent of the users currently own a Windows 10.

This makes it the second most popular platform lead by Windows 7 which is at about 43.5 percent. This divides into the 32 and 64 bit versions just like it does for the Windows 10 user base.

At the start of September, the user base of Windows 10 on Steam was 17 percent which means that they went up by a steep 75 percent in just three months. This is a very quick switch rate and it also shows how eagerly people have moved from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

Talking of DirectX 12, although only the 29 percent Windows 10 users can benefit from it (and although only a couple of games are supporting the API so far) about 67 percent on the user base has upgraded to DirectX 12-capable PCs.

Other than this, the new hardware survey has also revealed that GPU market on the digital distribution platform is still governed mostly by Nvidia as 59 percent of the user are sticking with Nvidia GPU as compared to 26 percent of AMD/ATI GPU and only 19 percent of Intel.

This is almost identical to the previous statistics but with a two percent positive change towards Nvidia and a one percent negative for AMD and Intel.

However, the CPU ownership has the same winners as expected i.e. Intel with 76.36 percent and AMD with 23.64 percent. In totality, 47.93 of Steam users have dual core CPU while just a little lesser i.e. 45.12 percent have quad core.

Was there anything surprising in the new hardware statistics provided by Valve?