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Oculus Rift Will Be Bundled With Free Copy of Lucky’s Tale

All aboard the VR hype train! Whether or not VR gaming turns out to be a mere gimmick, you have to admire the step that it’s helping the industry take.

Oculus Rift has arguably been the most popular VR product around, and it’s getting closer and closer to its launch in the first quarter of next year.

Now, it’s been revealed that the VR headset will launch with a free copy of Lucky’s Tale with it.

Lucky’s Tale is a game specifically designed for Virtual Reality hardware. It uses VR technology in its controls and presentation, with the player controlling a fox called Lucky through the colorful and illustrious world, performing different tasks during the adventure.

The official website of the Oculus Rift has also shared some additional details. A gameplay footage of Lucky’s Tale has also been released, and it hints at the game being compatible with and Xbox One controller, which will also come with every Oculus Rift unit.

According to Dan Hard, director of Lucky’s Tale, the game is designed first and foremost for comfort, to prevent fatigue and motion sickness with the VR.

“It’s all about the interplay of the way the camera engine works, which is always to design first and foremost for comfort, and then the ways we can push that to do interesting things with the level design.”

The game Is developed by Playful Corp, whose founder Paul Bettner is a known backer of Oculus Rift, having given $5,000 during the VR headset’s Kickstarter campaign.

The first retail shipment of the Oculus Rift will start in the first quarter of 2016. The company has confirmed that preorders for the VR headset will open soon.