Microsoft Considering ‘Lighweight Xbox One’ According to Reports

Earlier this month, Microsoft commented on how there was no real rush for new revisions of their flagship gaming console Xbox One.

Despite this, there are actual reports that the tech giant has big plans for the platform next year. One of these plans may include the launch of a new Xbox One model. GameSpot notes that Microsoft blogger Brad Sams suggested on Petri yesterday that he had heard from ‘internal sources’ of discussions related to a lightweight Xbox One model.

According to Brad, this lightweight Xbox One would be only for Windows Store Games and would compete with the likes of Apple TV, instead of taking on the big boys in PlayStation 4 and Wii U (or NX).

Sams report suggests that there were similar plans back when the console was launched in 2013, but Microsoft decided to hold back then. The present discussions of a new system seem to be ‘from a similar vein.’

If this new Xbox One model does come to fruition, it won’t hit the market until the second half of 2016, according to Sams. It will also supposedly carry a much lower price tag than the existing flagship console.

Microsoft does have a history of redesigning its models, as evidenced from reiterations in the Xbox 360 with the Elite model in 2007 and the slimmed down version three years afterwards.