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ARK Survival Evolved Gets 30 New Servers for Xbox One

The player base of ARK SUrvival Evolved is pretty big and the developers figured the game needs more servers in order to continue providing the amazing action-adventure survival experience that the game has in store.

Recently, Studio Wildcard, took to the game’s official Twitter profile with the announcement that they were listening to the community’s requests for more servers to be added.

Xbox Survivors, we hear your requests, and we are adding more servers tonight! Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Soon after that, the developers confirmed that the new servers have gone live. Their next tweet, which came out only a couple of hours ago has revealed that as many as 30 new servers have been added to the game:

Xbox Survivors, there are 30 more @survivetheark @Xbox Official Dedicated servers online now!

ARK Survival Evolved has been garnering a lot of attention from the fans ever since it was released and although it has been out there for nearly seven months now, the community is simply loving it.

Interestingly, it has been revealed recently that the game is getting more daily players on Xbox One in comparison with Steam although one would generally expect it to be the other way around since the game is currently among the most played titles on Steam.

Jesse Rapczak, Founder and Creative Director at Studio Wildcard took to the official website of Xbox to reveal this, you can read up everything else he has to say by hitting this link.

However, Steam also has a lot more open-world survival games to offer than Xbox One which could dilute the number of players sticking to ARK Survival Evolved.

In light of this, new servers for the Xbox One really made sense.