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Microsoft Trademarks “Fragments,” is it a New Game?

About a week ago, Microsoft has filed a trademark for something called Fragments. Currently, we are not sure what this is about, but there are a few indications, one of which suggests that it is going to be a new game.

If you check out the image below, it shows the trademark has been filed under Game Software category Class 9 which is a category that is kept separate from the trademarks that are filed for online games, which use Class 41. This suggests we are not looking at an online game.

That being said, the trademark for Fragments was filed by Microsoft on December 15, 2015 meaning it is a relatively new development. This also explains why we have not heard much about the project so far.

While looking for something else regarding the said trademark; we stumbled upon a Reddit user’s post where he points out to a Microsoft HoloLens video where something similar was seen for the fraction of a second.

The video (see here) is about a year old, but features a concept of the technology. At one point, the video shows a lady using a Windows Operating System while using the HoloLens and one of the tiles in front of her read “Fragmen.”

Microsoft Fragments

It could be that the the last two letters in the word weren’t visible enough in the video, in which case, we could be looking at a HoloLens based game.

Although we know this much about the trademark, we would suggest that everything being reported here should be taken as mere speculation based on little or no official information.

Companies keep registering for a number of trademarks to safeguard active or proposed projects all the time; for instance, God Eater Resurrection was recently trademarked for Europe by Bandai Namco only a couple of days after they trademarked Tales of Zestiria the X and Tales of the Rays in Europe.