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Julien Merceron: “Next Kojima Game Will Be Extraordinary”

It’s without a doubt that Hideo Kojima is a living legend in the video-gaming industry. It’s not a surprise that his colleagues recognize his work.

With Kojima Productions now separated from Konami’s publishing domain, their partnership with Sony has raised plenty of noise and speculation of what the creator of Metal Gear Solid will conjure next. Whatever it is, it’s going to be awesome – at least that’s what Julien Merceron believes.

Julien worked with Kojima on the Fox Engine that has powered the last few Metal Gear Solid games. Recently, he talked to DualShockers about quite a few things – mostly those related to Kojima and Konami’s ‘divorce.’

He did mention that Kojima’s next game – which he is developing in collaboration with Sony – will be extraordinary, and a future gaming gem that is not to be missed.

Julien Merceron also stated that he would like to work one day with Kojima (again), though it wouldn’t be quite yet. For those who don’t know, Mr. Merceron recently left Konami to join Bandai Namco.

Julien’s extended time working with Kojima makes him a reputable figure, and his word would definitely carry weight. It’s not like the world needed someone to endorse Kojima’s abilities as a game designer, but having a close fellow give one would certainly make gamers even more restless to see what Kojima is cooking up for us.