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Is the Nintendo NX Being Shown in a Behind Closed Doors Meeting at CES 2016?

If all the speculation is true around the Nintendo NX then we’ll see it in 2016. Before the general public gets to play it though, the third party companies who will make games for it will need to be convinced that it is worth their time.

In the latest round of rumours it appears that third-party developers will get to see the console at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is taking place in Las Vegas in 2016. As this is set for January 6, it does seem early in the year, but is not as far-fetched as it would seem.

The demonstration that would be given in a behind closed doors meeting such as this does not require the actual console to be complete, but it could be simply a prototype that shows the potential of the machine. At this stage, all Nintendo have to do is provide a proof of concept.

An additional rumour about the hardware is about the power of the console itself. With the latest word being that it will be as powerful as the Xbox One console that would be good news if true, especially if the NX was given a competitive price. We’ll have to see what Nintendo reveal about this when they are ready to show the console to the world.

For now though we are still waiting and still speculating on the future console. With so much interest though from the gaming community, that has to be a good sign to Nintendo.

Will we see the Nintendo NX in 2016? Let us know your thoughts on this, and the constant flow of rumours below.