Hellblade’s Atmosphere is the Key to its Setting, Here’s How

Hellblade, the latest adventure of the guys behind Heavenly Sword and Devil May Cry has a impressive atmospheric effect on the tone of the game. The way everything looks and feels defines a lot of the game and also helps laying roots of the narrative in a number of ways.

In the latest development diary released by Team Ninja, the developers are talking about atmospheric VFX being used in Hellblade as well as the importance they are being given in the development phase.

They are talking about the weather system including winds, particles and fog system as well as other elements like fire, effects and lighting and so on.

The bottom line is pretty simple, Ninja Theory is weighing in heavily on thee atmosphere to give Hellblade the sort of a tone that it needs to tell the story of Celtic myths and hellish underworlds that blur the lines between psychoticism and reality.

Although Hellblade is in early phases of development right now, we can’t wait to play it on PS4 and PC.