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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Was Doomed From the Start, Transition Was Inevitable

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced almost a decade ago but somewhere around 2012, the game transitioned from Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV.

There isn’t much we know about what exactly happened behind the scenes and why XIII transitioned, but thanks to a new report, we are given an insight into what went wrong.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII kept evolving throughout its development which became an issues, as the technology being used for it became less in-line with the project.

Once the game became open world, creation of some new technology was needed. Many features that were necessary for its development were restricted due to technical limitations of existing technology. Problems weren’t limited to Versus XIII, similar issues were noticed with Final Fantasy XIV.

At that time Square Enix decided to hire a team of developers from Sega, that had experience with physically-based lighting. However, Former Square Enix Technology Director Julien Merceron wasn’t sure if their direction will benefit the project, due to his concerns over PS3 and Xbox 360’s hardware limitations and issues Eidos had with the tech.

But, Versus XIII concept had less characters, smoother environment, and that combined with experience the new team had gave confidence to Merceron. After a bit of discussion, the development team came up with a solution similar to the one used by Ubisoft, which allowed real-time rendering during editing.

They started working on cinematics editor, creating visuals, animations, special effects and particle, and created a system for triggering and managing cinematic events. Once they implemented this system, the game started to evolve into what we now know as Final Fantasy XV.

The game will hopefully live-up to all the hype created around it. Expect to see it on PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2016.

Source: Dualshockers