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Crackdown 3 Environments, Characters, Weapons, Armor Concept Arts Shared

Crackdown 3 has impressed almost all of us with its wall breaking and destruction elements that were originally a surprise appearance for many at Gamescom 2015. However, after making a lot of waves back then, the developers decided to go a little quieter until recently when they shared a bunch of concept art for the game.

The official website of the game received a new post where they are wishing us happy holidays alongside new images that show off a number of in-game elements like the game’s environment, a few of the weapons that you will be wielding, some close up concept art for armors and more.

We have added all the Crackdown 3 concept art images in the gallery below so that you can check them out. However, don’t expect them to cover everything there is since we are bound to get a lot more.

Previously, the game’s developers have discussed the game’s Agility Orbs which are the only thing that have an effect on character progression (as far as Agility is concerned) where the players have to collect these orbs in order to improve agility. In Crackdown 2 the Agility Orbs were mobile, but it has been confirmed now that in Crackdown 3 they will remain static.

It has also been confirmed that the destruction elements that have been well applauded are going to be exclusive to the multiplayer component of the game.

So far, Crackdown 3 has been coming along nicely except that we would love to hear (and hopefully see) more of the gameplay. However, there is about half a year remaining in the game’s release date which is yet to be announced.

Reagent Games have confirmed that the game’s multiplayer portion at least will be out in the second or third quarter of the next year for the Xbox One.

What do you think of the concept art? Tell us in the comments below.