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This is What Rockstar’s Agent Looked Like, New Screenshots, Art and More Leaked

For a long time we have heard nothing about Rockstar’s Agent, the game has been on a hiatus and many have given up hope for ever seeing it again.

However, an ex Rockstar developer who worked on the game from 2009-2010 has leaked some screenshots, art, that is from Rockstar’s (presumably) canned title.

According to developer Darran Charles:

These are samples of the environment art work I took ownership of during my time on yet to be published game called Agent. Not sure if this project will ever be published but it was first announced by Sony at E3 in 2009. I was given a roughed out grey box village on a mountain side and I had to take ownership of it all the way to completion. Everything in these areas I controlled. From the way buildings sat and interacted with the empty space, asset creating, UV and Texture. Dirt blending between buildings and environment floor, and game play design.

Charles also revealed the team working on Agent was taken-off the project to work on Grand Theft Auto V. Meaning the work began on GTA V back in 2010. The section shown in the screenshots gives us a look at a village that is possibly from some middle-eastern country.

Sony was developing the game in partnership with Rockstar and Agent was suppose to be a big time PlayStation 3 exclusive. Sadly, after the innielt announcement something went wrong behind the scene and to this day, we don’t know if there ever will be a release day for Agent.