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Telltale to Allow Cloud Saving on Future Games

If you are a fan of the Telltale games you’ll know that it can be annoying that cloud saving hasn’t been a part of their games. Thankfully this changed with Minecraft: Story Mode.

It appears that this is going to become a normal thing for the company going forward, as revealed by Job J Stauffer, the Head of Creative Communications:

The feature they are mentioning in relation to Minecraft: Story Mode is described on the FAQ as:

“Telltale Games Cloud Saving for Minecraft: Story Mode is enabled for PC/Mac on both Steam and TTG versions of the game, as well as iOS, Android, and Kindle devices! This means you can start playing the game on your mobile device of choice, then log into your TTG account on the Steam or Telltale Games version on PC/Mac, and continue playing your game from where you left off!”

What this means for gamers is that they will be able to start the game on one device and easily move onto another and still continue their game. If like me you’ve played one of the games, had to reinstall and then found your saved games deleted, this can be very annoying.

It will be interesting to see if Telltale can implement this feature in some of the previous games too. We’ll have to see if Telltale reveal any more details on the functionality in the future.

Are you glad that Telltale Games are making this functionality available? Let us know your thoughts below.