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Nivida Geforce Game Ready Driver Version 361.43WHQL Released

Nvidia Geforce Game Ready Driver 361.43WHQL has been released. The latest update brings fixes and improvements on Windows 10, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1, that will help increase and stabilize performance on Nvidia cards.

As we know Nvidia has been working closely with VR developers, so some Game Words VR tweaks are also added.

Here are some highlights from 361.43WHQL:

Windows 10 Fixed Issues

  • Cleaned up flip timing and event notification bugs. [200151547]
  • Fixed a driver bug where if the output is active, hot unplugging a device will cause
    any following hot plug device to be ignored. [1707505]
  • Cleaned up unexpected behavior related to the multi-HMD (helmet-mounted device)
    use case. [200152110]
  • Return NVAPI_NO_CONNECTOR_FOUND from the NVAPI_GPU_GetAllDisplayIds()
    when headless GPUs are detected to allow for identification of the unsupported use
    case. [200155835]
  • [GM20x] Clock speeds remain above idle at 144 Hz on desktop. [1631144] Lag in Star Wars Battlefront with SLI enabled after updating to driver 359.06.[1709067]

Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista Fixed


  • Prevented an extra hotplug/unplug for unconnected devices in
    escapeDirectModeEnable\DisableVRDirectMode(). [1707485]
  • Fixed windowed G-SYNC not being totally disabled at the UMD (user-mode display)
    when the VR display is active. [200146036]
  • Updated the whitelist entry regkey to allow multiple entries at once. [200155690]
  • [GM20x] Clock speeds remain above idle at 144 Hz on desktop. [1631144]

Other Fixed Issues

  • Increased robustness of the VR SLI queued present implementation to mitigate
    flickering and tearing related to rendering to the scanout surface. This is not operating
    system specific. [200151843]

You read the rest of the patch notes over at the official website.