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Nintendo Shares the Most Contradicting Statement of the Century

Regarding NX and Nintendo games, the company has shared a very interesting statement. Not only interesting, but it is probably the most contradicting statement of the century.

According to Nintendo, it believes in creating things that are in-sync with the times. Video game designer Takashi Tezuka spoke to Bloomberg and when asked about NX, he said: “We feel quite strongly about creating things that are in sync with the times.”

Really? In-sync with the times? What exactly has been in-sync with the times? Mario, Zelda or Pokemon? Of course, Nintendo is among the best at modernizing their games and characters, but considering its history it is far from the ones who create software/hardware that is in-sync with the times. Compared to rivals PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo systems lack the hardware performance and especially architecture needed (not that PS4 and Xbox One are super powerful, but they are way ahead of all things Nintendo) to be in sync with the times.

They are planning to introduce NX next year, the successor to the failed Wii U, which will hopefully change the face of this company, but don’t count on it too much.

Nintendo’s ignorance and refusal to change its approach in the console business may end up being the downfall of NX. If Nintendo fails to introduce something that not only appeals to its core audience, but is enticing to the rest of the world, NX may suffer the same fate as Wii U.

Third party support will dry up and all we’ll be left with is Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. We’ll have to wait and see if NX and its games are actually in-sync with the times or not; 2016 is going to be a very interesting year.