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Final Fantasy VII Remake to Have Mini Games, Full Voice Acting

Final Fantasy VII Remake fans will be happy to know that the game will feature mini-games and full voice acting. According to Square Enix, they are currently considering which mini games to include in the final build.

Although developers want to include as much of them as possible, they need to think if creating all of them with latest technology is necessary. According to Tetsuya Nomura, director of Final Fantasy VII:

There were a lot of things from big to small, but we need to consider a bit whether it’s necessary to create them all with the latest technology.

Moreover, developers say that the remake will feature full voice acting, but they are yet to decide the voices of characters that weren’t in Advent Children.

Basically, it will be fully voiced. We still haven’t decided the voices of the characters that weren’t in Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

Talking about the dating portion being voiced and the map of the game.

It would be impossible not to. However, since it’s different from that time and social situation, we need implement the reproduction of original events carefully.

We can’t say anything yet, but we don’t plan on fussing about whether it’s a so-called open-world or sandbox. But since Nomura is more focused on the creation of the scenery, we want to express an environment character actions affect the scenery.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a timed PS4 exclusive and will release in 2016.

Source: Gamatsu