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Fallout 4 Feels the Force with a New Star Wars Lightsaber Mod

If there is one thing that everybody appears to be talking about right now it is Star Wars. It seems that the franchise is now everywhere, and this includes Fallout 4.

We’ve already seen Trevor and Michael do battle with Lightsabers in Grand Theft Auto 5 through the use of mods, so it comes as no surprise that other games are starting to feature them. One of them is Fallout 4 which is already seeing a growing number of mods.

This latest by invalidfate brings the Lightsaber to the game, and in the video above you can see how to get it working in the game. You can download the actual mod here as well as see the mod installation details. As always, remember that this is an external link so we cannot guarantee the safety of downloading files from there.

After you’ve installed the mod, there are a few console instructions that are used to select your colour of Lightsaber. The way to change the colour is:

1) in console, type “help lightsaber 4”, and you will get the item codes.
2) in console, type “player.additem [item code in (1), do not include brackets]”
x) or try & error on “player.additem xx000816”  pink saber
“player.additem xx000819”     red saber
“player.additem xx00081a”     green saber
“player.additem xx00081b”     blue saber
(xx start from 01, depending on mod loading sequence)

Hopefully everything will work for you and soon you’ll be doing battle in the wastelands of Fallout 4 with your trusty Lighsaber in hand.

Is the Force strong in Fallout 4? Let us know your thoughts on the Star Wars mod below.