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Xbox Reveals the Games with Gold for January 2016

Now that we’ve reached the end of the year, there are no more Games with Gold reveals for 2015. What we have today though is January 2016’s announced games.

Xbox’s Major Nelson has revealed the games that will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. As usual this will be four games, two for the Xbox One and two for Xbox 360 users. The Xbox 360 games will also be compatible with the current generation consoles through the Backwards Compatibility functionality. Here are the games that are coming in January:

  • Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition (Xbox One) – Available for free through January
  • ZHeroes (Xbox One) – Free to download from January 16 to February 15.
  • DiRT Showdown (Xbox 360) – Free from January 1 to January 15.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Free till January 31.

The Killer Instinct: Seao1 Ultra Edition comes with the base game as well  additional characters Jago, Sabrewolf, Thunder, Glacius, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal and Fulgore. It also comes with an additional 8 costumes, 16 premium accessory packs and the classic Killer Instinct game. For fans of the Killer Instinct games this is the best way to experience the first season, unless of course they already bought the content beforehand.

Other than Killer Instinct the games available aren’t exactly that spectacular for the start of the year. It will be interesting though to revisit Deus Ex: Human Revolution before the Mankind Divided is release though.

Are you impressed with the first batch of Games with Gold of 2016? Let us know your thoughts below.