Marvel Avengers Skin Pack is Leaving Minecraft on Xbox Consoles

Part of the fun of Minecraft are the skins that can be downloaded or made for your character. If you play the game on Xbox One or Xbox 360 there is one pack that appears to be becoming unavailable today.

Today on Twitter, 4J Studios have made an announcement about the Marvel Avengers Skin Pack for Minecraft on the Xbox consoles:

Checking the Xbox Store itself reveals a little bit more information for new owners and old:

“The Marvel Avengers Skin Pack, Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Skin Pack and the Marvel Spider-Man Skin Pack are going away. The last day they that they will be available in the Xbox Store and Minecraft in-game store will be December 21, 2015. If you purchase any of these packs before that date, you will still be able to download them directly in the game anytime.

So before they´re gone, get the Minecraft Marvel Skin Packs Bundle which includes all 3 Marvel Skin Packs for $6.99 USD.”

The removal of the skins may be a licensing issue, probably to do with the deal done with Marvel/Disney when they were made available. For those who have them already purchased, or purchase them before they are removed from the store, you will get to keep them in your game.

Will you be buying the Marvel Avengers Skin Pack before they are removed from the store? Let us know your thoughts below.