Final Batman: Arkham Knight DLC to Release Tomorrow, New Video Shared

Rocksteady is on the brink of releasing the final DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight, one of the most talked about and controversial titles released this year.

Rocksteady has announced that the final DLC will roll-out tomorrow, December 22. With the final piece of the puzzle, developers are adding a new story mission, skins, and a fresh look for Batmobile. You can see what the DLC will bring it the video above.

We will finally be saying goodbye to this iconic franchise. Although Arkham Knight wasn’t the best ending to the series, due to the plethora of issues on PC which ruined it for thousands of fans, we should forgive and forget and appreciate the hard work Rocksteady put into this series over the years.

The good news is that although this is the final game, Rocksteady isn’t completely denying the possibility of another Batman game. Could we see another one in the future? Should there be another Batman game or should Rocksteady move on to something else? Lots of questions, but no answers.