Far Cry Primal: Taming Predators, Related Abilities and More

Far Cry Primal is definitely taking a route unlike any of the previous games in the series and one of the primary effects of that has been on the weapon system. Since the game is missing all those machine guns and rifles, taming predators has been introduced as a more vital part of the whole list of things you can do to attack the enemies.

The developers are very much positive that being able to tame the predators is going to help add a new angle to the gameplay, but they are not suggesting you to rely on them completely.

The game director, Thomas Simon, says that the have “been careful to make sure that the beasts would be efficient and flexible like a weapon, but at the same time make sure that that isn’t the only way to play, that it doesn’t become the win button.”

Far Cry Primal is going to challenge you in a number of ways, and even stretch your abilities to the maximum. In all this, the tamed predators are only going to be one helping hand and one way of doing things alongside stealth play and long ranged weapons.

That being said, you will also not be forced to tame an animal, you don’t need to get them if you don’t want them. However, if you do want to tame them, you will notice that the taming mechanics are rather simple in the game although progression will allow you to be able to tame newer types of beasts.

As you play, you gain the ability to purchase skills that allow you to tame new categories of predator. That might be the canines like dogs and wolves, felines like jaguars, panthers and tigers or other animals like the bear, sabre-toothed tigers and even bigger things. Once you’ve purchased the right skill you have to find the animal out in the world and look for an opportunity to get close to it without it attacking you. You can use the bait to help you.

Thereafter, you can appease the beast and keep it with you. Once it is in your inventory you get to heal it, revive it and so on.

Far Cry Primal is going to bring its beasts to you on February 23, 2016.