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Arcade-to-Console Matchmaking for Tekken 7 Could Still Happen

With Tekken 7 being not only a game that will feature on consoles, but also having a thriving arcade community the ability to combine the two worlds in matchmaking is an interesting idea. It is also one that may not be out of the question, though it comes with some problems.

Talking to GamesRadar Game Designer Michael Murray has revealed that there is an interest in bringing matchmaking between arcade and consoles together. As players in the arcades will have the ability to “go outside” their own arcade and battle people from all over the world, it may even be possible to connect to the PlayStation Network. The problem here though is the players who quit too soon on consoles just because they are losing the match:

“If you’re playing on PS4, you’ve bought that game, you might meet some real jerk online who disconnects because he’s going to lose,” said Murray. “You get angry, but there’s no big deal, because it’s not like it cost you any money because of that. But in the arcade, if you’re linked to that person, you’re paying ¥100 (about $1.00) to play, and the match gets interrupted, then we could get a lot of complaints about that.” So folks like that jerk you knew in middle school who pulled the plug rather than lose might ruin Tekken unification for all of us (freakin’ Craig). But not all is lost, and there’s still the chance that Murray and his team will be able to find a workaround if interest is strong enough: “we haven’t decided one way or the other yet.”

One thing that is noted though is the fact that if this did happen it would probably be in Japan only. As the arcade version of the game does not see the same popularity in the West there may be less of a need for this functionality to come.

Would you like to see matchmaking made available between console and arcade? Let us know your thoughts below.