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Black Ops III Apparently Secretly Introduces Skill-Based Matchmaking, Angers Fans

Treyarch is fairly busy with Call of Duty: Black Ops III, readying its first map DLC and constantly tinkering the vanilla game with updates.

It seems that amidst all these changes and adjustments, Treyarch has also quietly altered the match-making system. According to reports from some players on Reddit, the developers have brought back skill-based match making in Black Ops III that is reminiscent of the one seen in Advanced Warfare.

This would mean that high levels players are and will find it incredibly difficult to find a game, and all the players who are matched will have relatively high Kill/Death ratios.

Treyarch is yet to officially on the matter themselves, and it’s a little strange how all of this was very hush-hush.

Most players heavily criticized this match making technique, for obvious reasons. Experienced players with high levels and large Kill/Death rations find it difficult to find a game. Many in the Reddit post shared above have already shown anger towards this change, stating the decision has severely hampered the longevity of Black Ops III multiplayer.

Hopefully, Treyarch will notice this disapproval, and come out with an official statement regarding the matter soon.