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Warframe Update Adds The Second Dream, Ivara and More

Digital Extremes’ Warframe has, somehow, managed to keep a number of things secret when it comes to story and background. However, it looks like that was for good reason, an update is going live today and unraveling the secrets is one thing it primarily focuses on.

The first thing that the game is going to bring you is a quest called The Second Dream, when you play it, you will truly get to know about yourself as well as the warriors:

An agent of vengeance haunts you. Ancient enemies conspire to take action, determined to cut out the heart of the Tenno leadership once and for all. Exposed from their veil of secrecy, the Lotus’ warriors may pay a terrible price. It’s time you discover your true self, Tenno.

Then there is the The Sentient Hunhow quest which is purely focused on the lore of the game – it looks like Digital Extremes really read between the lines when people were talking about how open the game is about its lore.

Needless to say, there are going to be new challenges for you to take on in Warframe and while you do that you will get to play the new Ivara archer frame alongside Vauban, Nekros, Mirage and Limbo. You will “battle for supremacy in the ruins of an Orokin Lunar outpost, and continue to master the Ways of Old” together.

Talking of Ivara, the frame builds upon the usage of trick arrows but that is not the only highlight here. Ivara also has the ability to loot enemies with stealth, deal massive damage by a bow that it can summon and even guide projectiles manually to hit the target.

The new Warframe update was promised to go live today i.e. December 18, 2015 so you can expect to get your hands on it any time now.