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Team Imagine Head Arrested For Fraud and Conspiracy

Back in September 2014, Martin Shkreli who is the head of Team Imagine, bought the rights for Daraprim which is an antiparasitic and antimalarial medication.

In an attempt of being a Pharma Kingpin, he raised the per dese cost from $13.50 to $750. Great way to profit, right? Just buy the rights for an important medication and increase the price by 5,500 percent and you’re rich. A true Visionary!

Don’t be mad at me though, he showed his generosity by offering a discount on bulk purchases to hospitals. Unfortunately, people failed to see his generosity and claimed that bulk purchase would cost almost the same amount. It was also believed that he is ripping off insurance companies as well. How ungrateful are they? Hah!

There was a lot of public pressure but Shkreli refused to rollback his prices.

When he finds time from his busy schedule of being a Pharma Kingpin, he likes to play professional League of Legends with an eSports Team known as Odyssey eSports. If you’re having a hard time placing them, they are the one who failed to qualify for 2015 North American League of Legends Challenger Series.

When they failed they merged with Imagine.

Later on Shkreli bought Team Leviathan as well, so it is to say his eSports career was right on track. Unfortunately for him, he has been arrested for fraud and conspiracy at Retrophin, he ran the company as CEO from 2012 to 2014. His days of charging 5,500 perfect for medication and running eSPorts teams may be behind him now.

Via: Hardcoregamer