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Rock Band 4 Online Multiplayer Mode is Probably Coming Back, But When?

It looks like talk of an online multiplayer mode in Rock Band 4 just won’t die. To be fair, this is probably because Harmonix won’t let it.

The developers of the game have sent out a survey to ask players about their thoughts on online play:

The questions that it contains are obviously focused on gaining some statistics on what players think of the online modes from previous games and if they would like to see the modes return. Adding their comments from their latest blog about the future of Rock Band 4, we can only assume that the online multiplayer is on its way in the future. Especially when they reveal things like this:

“this functionality is very much on the table but we’re not yet sure where it fits in our roadmap. Part of our process includes taking your advice into consideration. Before we can deliver a feature as complex as Online Multiplayer, we would like to better understand what you want and find to be important. In an effort to drive that conversation forward, we’ll be sending out a survey about online play shortly so you can provide feedback that helps direct our development efforts as we make decisions about what to do next.”

So basically if you want Online Multiplayer in the game then fill out the survey and let it be known that you do. This will make sure that the level of priority for online functionality is raised.

Do you want the online functionality back? Let us know your thoughts below.