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New Metal Gear Development Staff Being Hired by Konami

Since Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions gave a big “screw you” to Konami Group in a very professional way, who is going to work for the publisher on the new Metal Gear games?

The time has come for Konami to start hiring staff that would replace Kojima Productions and continue making new titles in the series as the publishers have already said they would be making more of it.

If you check out the careers section on their official website, you will see openings that directly relate to the series. Konami has not listed the exact positions and only called it “NEW METAL GEAR development staff” since they are looking for a number of professionals. The page reads:

We are now recruiting a wide range of highly-skilled game development professionals who wish to work with us on the creation of the New Metal Gear.

The applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Experience in high-end game development, planning, etc.
  • Boundless imagination, and the capacity for exciting new ideas
  • A strong passion toward game creation
  • The communication skills to effectively communicate your ideas

Right now, at least four or five employees of the old Kojima Productions studio are confirmed to have jumped ship alongside Hideo Kojima, although it is probable that there would be other, lesser known professionals who have quit Konami and joined Kojima at his new workplace.

However, the new Kojima Productions is also hiring, a long list of job openings went up on their newly launched website parallel to the announcement that he will now be working alongside Sony.

We have got everything you need to know about the new partnership between Sony and Kojima right over here, and you can also read up on what his first project could be about here.

Do you think that Konami will be able to make another Metal Gear as good as Kojima?