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Minecraft Update 31 Rolling out Now for Consoles

A major change is coming for everyone who has been playing Minecraft on consoles in the form of the Minecraft update 31. The developers have promised to release the mega update for all the consoles these days and now, wea re getting it!

The official Twitter profile of 4J Studios has confirmed that the title update is being rolled out for Microsoft’s consoles as well as Sony’s consoles right now!

However, all Xbox One and Xbox 360 users should not expect the Minecraft Update 31 to be live for you right now no matter where you are because the studio has also stated that it might take a little while to be live worldwide.

As for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, the update is live in Europe and Japan right now, and will be made available in the North American region later in the day.

It had been reported earlier this week that the update had been sent to Microsoft and Sony for certification; while the certifications for the home consoles have been cleared, Sony Computer Entertainment has some issues with the PlayStation Vita version of the update. The developers are currently working on the problem.

From the looks of it, the Minecraft update 31 is going to take longer to go live on the PS Vita since 4J Studios didn’t tell how much time they will need to get rid of the problems.

This update is going to change a lot of things with the console versions of the game, the idea is to bring it up to the mark with the PC version as much as possible.

Stay connected with us for more details on what is included in the Minecraft update 31.