Fallout 4 Gets New Doom Mod Bringing the BFG to the Game

While Fallout 4 may be a game that focuses more on being an RPG rather than a first person shooter, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t moments when we all try to play it as more of a shooter. Some may even wish that the game played more like Doom, with its instantly gratifying gunplay.

Evidence of this fact has shown up in a new mod that brings one of the most legendary weapons in the genre to the game. Prepare to take on the creatures of the wastelands with Doom’s BFG 9000.

Created by NexusMods user LeGioN675 the mod can be downloaded from here. This is where you’ll also find instructions as to how to install and play using the new mod. In the video above, you can see the amount of damage this gun does. Firing out a hugely damaging plasma blast it does the expected amount of destruction. As always SegmentNext can’t guarantee that external links are safe for our users, so always use caution when downloading files from other sites.

Available for the PC, it will be interesting to see if mods like this make their way to the consoles. While there was a promise that mods will be coming in the future there has been no sign of them making an appearance just yet. As we also don’t have an idea of even a release date for mod functionality it will be interesting to see when Bethesda finally let it out into the wild. Or even if it makes it to the consoles at all.

With the popularity of Fallout 4 and the expectation of fans it is hard to think that Bethesda would back out of mod compatibility for consoles. It is understandable though that actually getting it to work may be not as easy as it would seem.

Are you impressed with the new BFG mod? Let us know your thoughts below.