Evolve Gets a New Hunter Named Emet, Introductory Trailer Released

Turtle Rock has introduced a new hunter in Evolve, the not so popular asymmetrical shooter released earlier this year. The new hunter is named Emet who seems to be missing an “M” is his name.

Anyways, Emet is a medical drone who is reprogrammed for combat. According to Turtle Rock, these drones are apparently being used all around the galaxy.

E.M.E.T. drones are used throughout the galaxy whenever disaster strikes and injured people need medical attention. They are reliable medical techs but not very good in battle situations, so Jack shoved a death commando logic core into this one!

Emet uses a Replay Cannon that fires an explosive dart, tagging a target and rapidly firing several homing missiles at that it. Meanwhile, Healing Buoys are deployed to regenerate health for allies nearby. Emet also uses his medic Heal Burst which is actually a more powerful burst erupts from the buoy.

Turtle Rock has also released an introductory trailer for Emet, giving fans a taste of this new character.