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Destiny XUR Location and Items for Week 67; Skullfort, Symbiote and More

Guardians! We are back with word from Destiny and you will be pleased to know that XUR: Agent of the Nine has arrived. He has an inventory full of exotic items and upgrades.

Last week Xur brought us the following items:

  • Helm of inmost light
  • Radiant dance machines
  • Nothing manacles
  • Monte carlo

What does he has for this week? Lets find out:

  • Skullfort
  • Symbiote
  • Praxic fire
  • Legacy special


XUR can be found in the hanger.

On a related note, Bungie has now introduced level-boosters in Destiny. Players will be able to buy these and get an instant boost to level 25 for their Guardian class of choice.

Our Editor Sarmad Lillah reported:

Destiny Class Boosters are now being sold separately on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 users as well as the Xbox Store for the Xbox One users.

If you check out either of the listings, you will see three types of Class Booster add-ons being sold on both the stores, one for each of the classes.

You can choose from Level 25 Hunter Pack, Level 25 Titan Pack or Level 25 Warlock Pack; each one of them is going to cost you $30. That being said, the contents of the pack also include some additional features

Bungie is being criticised for not only selling level boosters, but selling them for a ridiculously high price.