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Bandai Namco To Announce “Mysterious Game” on Monday

Okay so it looks like Bandai Namco Entertainment has another game up their sleeves as we speak. However, they won’t tell you what it is without teasing about it for a while.

The official Twitter profile of the publisher sent out a tweet that reads “can you feel the hunger” accompanied by a hashtag for “Mysterious Game.”

They are probably hyping the thing up by using the word Mysterious, because a name like that would be too bland. That being said, Bandai has also put up a teaser website with a little clue inside.

A link to the website was also provided in the aforementioned tweet which is, however, there isn’t much to take away in the name since BNE is a reference to Bandai Namco Entertainment itself.

That being said, if you go to the teaser site, and stay for a while, a message appears in in Spanish reading “el trabajo en equipo nos mostrara el camino.” Don’t fret if you don’t know Spanish, it means “teamwork will show us the way.”

Whatever is being teased by that phrase was continued inside the website’s source code where a sentence gives a call to action message reading “find the clues, share them with your friends and discover the mysterious game.”

Currently we have no idea what it is about, but we have exactly 70 hours to find out before the countdown timer on the site runs out.

Conventionally, Bandai Namco should announce the game officially after that countdown ends and upon calculating it tells us that the reveal is going to be on Monday, December 21.

Behind the timer, however, distorted images continue to appear alongside a cracking sound that continues all along.

We are trying to look into it and see if there is anything that would direct us towards the game being teased; do help us out by leaving a comment if you have any idea as to what this could be about.