Watch 12 Minutes of Mafia 3 Gameplay Footage Here

Mafia 3 is one of the big games heading our way in 2016, and today we’ve been able to get a taste of some new gameplay footage. While this has been shown to the press before behind closed doors, it is the first taste many gamers will have had a chance to see it.

The video you can see above shows the main character Lincoln Clay as he moves around the open world environment of 1969-era New Orleans. Most interesting is the fact that we get to see some of the locations that we’ve previously seen in screenshots.

What we get to see is how Clay reacts with the world, and how the world reacts around him. This includes the racism that he experiences from the police. Most importantly though we get to see him in combat, and in mission based situations.

During these situations where he is in danger he moves like a soldier, which is unsurprising as he is a Vietnam Vet. He also doesn’t shy away from the violence, which can be quite graphic at time. There is a feel of stealth in the way he is able to sneak around areas which I’m sure will impress people.

With the examples of both the violence and the stealth, these show the way that missions can be completed by various methods and different routes. I’m sure we’ll be seeing players finding a play style that best fits their needs.

With this being the first current generation Mafia game, it comes as no surprise that there is an improvement in the graphics, though Mafia 2 didn’t look too bad on the PC when all graphics options are set to max. For consoles though this is a nice upgrade.

In the video they do reveal that some of the tech from Mafia 2 did make its way into the engine for Mafia 3, though there is a lot that is new. From what we see here the improvements are fairly obvious.

Are you impressed by what you see in this new gameplay video? Let us know your thoughts below.