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The Surge Takes Place in Dystopian Future; Features Exo Suits and CQC

Lords of the Fallen developer Deck 13 has shared some brand new details on the upcoming action-RPG, The Surge.

The game’s world is inspired by the worst-case scenario for today’s problems! It is basically set in a dystopian future where robotics and mega-corporations work together in order to preserve Earth’s fragile climate:

According to The Surge Creative Director Jan Klose; the game boasts tactical close-quarter combat with characters equipped with a mix of cybernetics, bone, flesh, and gadgetry who will slice and dice to upgrades:

The player’s progression is strongly bound to his most important asset: The Exo Suit he is wearing. This rig allows him to move with more agility and perform stronger moves, but you can also attach armor parts and weapons to it and improve its power level, and manipulate it in a variety of ways.

Furthermore, the game will have a steep difficulty with huge elements of risk and reward. Players will need to analyze their enemies, find weak spots, and carefully calculate each option to bring down adversaries. As for the difference between The Surge and Lords of the Fallen:

The difference to Lords of the Fallen is that we take more time introducing the different features for the player at the beginning of the game. Not in a lengthy tutorial, but as you are advance in the game, the features that will help you overcome your enemies will come one by one so that you can grasp the whole toolset of possibilities and not miss on some of them just because they were introduced poorly.

Originally announced around Gamescom 2015, The Surge remains without any gameplay footage and a release date.