The Elder Scrolls Legends Delayed Until 2016

While many will be more focused on winning a million dollars on The Elder Scrolls Online, that doesn’t mean that everybody has forgot about a game that appears to be not making a deadline. The Elder Scrolls Legends, the free-to-play strategy card game won’t be coming in 2015.

While nothing has been officially stated about the game, Pete Hines has given an unofficial reply to a question about its release:

When asked if the delay would provide the developers time to make the game more polished, Hines revealed:

As game releases are slowing down as we reach the end of the year, it comes as no surpise that we won’t get a sudden release of The Elder Scrolls Legends this year. The fact that there has been no official statement about this, and nobody has really notice (but for a few people) may be worrying for the game.

Maybe when Bethesda start to market the game more and focus on an actual release date we’ll get to see more about it. Then more interest can be built up and a fan base can be created for it. For now, it looks like more The Elder Scrolls fans are happy to take up the chance of winning the million dollar prize.

Did you notice the lack of The Elder Scrolls Legends release details or even news about it? Let us know your thoughts below.