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Steam’s Mysterious Cards Pop Up Ahead of Winter Sale

Back in summers, Valve Corporation had introduced their Mysterious Cards for Steam users that would then help them get their hands on some good deals in the Summer Sale. Now, it looks like the same cards have started to pop up again.

Destructoid has reported that one of their writers stumbled upon one in his inventory recently after he had crafted the Undertale badge’s first level.

As a result of the crafting, he was given a Flowey emoticon, a Sans background as well as the Mysterious Card – the last one creeped up silently in the inventory though.

If that person got one, it means the rest of you can get them as well.

The idea is that you craft enough badges at the right time to get your hands on these Cards and when the time comes, i.e. another Steam Sale starts, these Mysterious Cards will convert into sale cards that will be usable when the event is on later down the line.

So far, that is all we know, but we can tell you that it would be the right time for you to start that crafting because Valve Corporation has announced that the Steam Winter Sale 2015 is going to start on December 22.