Star Citizen: Procedurally Generated Planet System Video, 4K Screens Shared

The last time we talked about Star Citizen was when the game reached the mega $100 million crowdfunding goal about three days ago. It was around the same time that Alpha 2.0 was launched as well. Now that the developers are well underway with a new build, they are ready to show off newer elements in the game.

A couple of hours ago, Cloud Imperium released a video titled “From Pupil to Planets” under which they have shown off the game’s procedurally generated planet system using a “100% in-engine footage rendered in real time.”

As you can see above, it starts off with a 1000km diameter procedural planet complete with a massive custom landing location. The sheer size of the place is overwhelming!

Boasting of “seamless transition from space to ground level,” the video shows off how they have created the atmospherics while showing off the rocky terrain of the planet.

Just like the case is with No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen could only make use of procedural generation because fitting such a massive place in the memory was simply not possible.

While the video above has been rendered from the engine in real time, a YouTube user has also shown off some gameplay footage focusing on how the procedural generation looks in-game. We have embedded that video below so that you can check it out as well.

Moreover, Cloud Imperium has also shared a bunch of 4K screenshots from the game featuring mostly a number of ships and bases from the insides and outsides. We have added them to the gallery below.

Currently Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is live but we are still a long way to go from the game’s commercial release. The developers are yet to announce the exact release date although we know that it will come out next year.