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Rocket League Made Almost $50 Million in 2015

Rocket League has been one of the sleeper hits of 2016, on both PC and PlayStation 4 so really it should come as no surprise that it has made lots of money. Though its level of success may have surprised some.

In a new report by Wall Street Journal they look at why it has been a success. One of the things they revealed is that since the games debut on July 7 it has made a revenue of around $50 million. Not bad for a game that was originally given as a free PlayStation Network game on the PlayStation 4. Though now it does come with a price tag on the console. It also has more than 7 million registered players.

What makes it a surprising success story though is the way it was only developed under a budget of 2 million dollars, and was a follow-up to a rather forgettable game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

In the report Psyonix head Dave Hagewood blames a “lack of awareness” for the failure of the game. This is obviously something that Rocket League had no problem with. Using PlayStation Network on PlayStation 4 was something of a masterstroke, as it not only got gamers attention but it gave the game its chance to get them addicted. It was also revealed that Psyonix worked with streamers on YouTube and Twitch to build up the attention the game badly needed.

As we move into 2016, Rocket League is being released on Xbox One and is moving into the eSport world so is likely to go from strength to strength. Named as the best sports/racing game and Best Indie Game of 2015 by The Game Awards it is obvious that the Rocket League’s popularity refuses to die out just yet.

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