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Nintendo Network Having Connection Issues Today, Hopefully Now Fixed

It looks like Nintendo’s Network services has been having a few issues today, with people all around the world having issues. Hopefully this has been fixed, but it will no doubt still annoy many people.

While Nintendo did report the issue on Twitter form many of their accounts, some haven’t really given much information:

The Japanese Nintendo account were much more detailed in their information, revealing:

“From around 15:01 December 17, state service that uses the Nintendo Network ID of multiple platforms is not available occurs, we also continue current. Sorry, please wait for a while until the restoration.”

Then confirming that it was back up:

“Had been generated from o’clock today. 15, the failure of the Nintendo network services, restored around 22:00, we are running normally now. This time, the long-time service stop, and apologize from the bottom of my heart that it was the inconvenience to many customers.”

This description of the problem is typically much politer and verbose. Hopefully now this announcement has been made there will be no further issues. With the run up to Christmas the company will obviously be looking for plenty of new customers to be using the service, so any failures like this will be unfortunate.

Did you Nintendo Network issues cause you any problems? Let us know in the comments section below.