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NBA 2K14 Servers Shutting Down by the Year End

If you haven;’t jumped to NBA 2K16 or even NBA 2K15, and are still loving the game with NBA 2K14, you should plan on moving on because the developers are finally shutting down the game’s servers – for good this time.

The official 2K Support Twitter profile has announced this through a tweet reiterating that this means you will lose ranked games as well as online association. The tweet in question reads: “NBA2K14 servers to be discontinued 12/31/15. Ranked games/online association won’t be available afterwards.”

Folks, you have two weeks to say your goodbyes now, make use of this time. Here’s the tweet in question:

Back in march this year, 2K Sports had announced discontinuation of the game’s servers for the first time. They event went through with the decision, losing a ton of user save files along the way. However, only about a month later, the developer announced that they were putting the servers back on.

The sad part is that the servers had only come back on for nine months; and since that was at the start of April 2015, we are almost done with that extended period.

If you look at it this way, it is not an announcement that they have just made, rather a reminder that everyone should please themselves as much as they want with the game until December 31.

NBA 2K14 has been out for a quite some time and even been replaced by NBA 2K15, and as of September 29, 2015, by NBA 2K16. However, NBA games have always been hugely popular which is why even the if an old title loses its server support, a number of fans will be affected.

Were you still playing the game although it has received newer iterations now?