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Final Fantasy XV May hit Same Release Window as Persona 5, Summer 2016

As we say goodbye to 2015 we can now think of all of the big releases heading our way in 2016. That is unless they are delayed of course, which is highly possible.

One issue that publishers are going to have is when to release their biggest titles, we’ve already seen rumours around such issues. Today Dualshockers are reporting about a survey from Square Enix that drops some hints as to when Final Fantast XV is coming out, and what other games may clash with.

One of the most interesting questions in the big list of 50, is question 47:

Here’s a question for those considering to purchase both Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV: If both titles were released at roughly the same time, which one would you prioritize (buying)?

  1. Persona 5
  2. Final Fantasy XV
  3. I’ll buy both

This may be a hint to the fact that Square Enix are aiming at a Summer 2016 release for Final Fantasy XV. For those who intend to purchase Persona 5 they are asked further questions as to their interest in the game:

  1. Because it’s a domestic (Japanese) RPG
  2. Because the world is interesting
  3. Because the characters are interesting
  4. Because I like Atlus games
  5. Because I like the persona series
  6. Because the promotion of the game sparked my interest
  7. Because I heard of the reputation of the game

While this is interesting we have to remember that this is purely speculation and Square Enix testing the waters for possible release windows. We’ll probably get a release date early 2016 (around March) for Final Fantasy XV, so it will be interesting to see if it releases around the same time as Persona 5.

Do you think that this survey is hinting at a Summer 2016 release for Final Fantasy XV? Let us know below.